Important Update: The Court issued Final Approval of the Class Action Settlement Agreement on August 2, 2013, which can be viewed under Court Documents. Settlement checks will be distributed between October 31, 2013 and November 30, 2013, to Settlement Class Members who submitted Valid Claims.

Overview Of The Settlement

John Mancini, et al. v. Ticketmaster, et al., Case No. CV-07-01459 DSF
Craig and Julie Johnson v. Ticketmaster, et al., Case No. CV-08-07509 DSF

The settlement resolves a lawsuit against Ticketmaster, Entertainment Publications, Inc. and IAC/InterActiveCorp (“Defendants”) brought by several Ticketmaster customers (“Plaintiffs”). In the lawsuit, Plaintiffs allege that Defendants enrolled customers of into the “Entertainment Rewards” program through a process that was likely to deceive reasonable consumers. In particular, Plaintiffs allege that Defendants did not adequately disclose that customers were being enrolled in an online coupon service and that they would be charged a monthly fee for that service, typically $9, on the credit or debit card they used at Plaintiffs further allege that the vast majority of enrollees who were charged for the Entertainment Rewards program did not use the program or otherwise benefit from it. Excluding customers who have previously obtained a full refund, Plaintiffs allege that there are approximately 1,120,000 such customers and that the total paid by these customers (net of partial refunds) for membership in Entertainment Rewards was approximately $85 million. Plaintiffs assert violations of California and federal law.

Defendants deny that there is any factual or legal basis for Plaintiffs’ allegations. Defendants contend that the Entertainment Rewards enrollment process fully disclosed all terms and conditions, including the monthly fee, and that all enrollees consented to the transfer of their credit or debit card information from Ticketmaster to Entertainment Publications, Inc. Defendants therefore deny any liability and deny that Plaintiffs or any other members of the Settlement Class have suffered injury or are entitled to monetary or other relief. Defendants also deny that this case can be certified as a class action, except for purposes of settlement.

The Court has not determined whether Plaintiffs or Defendants are correct. Your legal rights are affected, and you have a choice to make:

What Are My Options?

To make a claim, you must have filled out a Claim Form. The deadline to file a Claim Form was September 1, 2013.
SUBMIT AN OBJECTION You could have objected to the settlement by filing papers in Court. The filing deadline was July 1, 2013.
ASK TO BE EXCLUDED You could have excluded yourself from the Settlement Class if you wanted to be able to sue any Defendant separately for the claims released by the settlement. Exclusion Requests must have been received by the Claim Administrator by July 1, 2013.

For further details on Settlement Class Member options, please consult the Notice or Frequently Asked Questions on this website.

Final Approval Hearing

The Court held a hearing on July 29, 2013 to consider whether to approve the settlement. The hearing was held in Courtroom 840, 8th Floor, 255 East Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. The hearing was open to the public. After the hearing, the Court approved the Settlement on August 2, 2013.

Important Dates
September 1, 2013
Claim Form Deadline
July 1, 2013
Exclusion Deadline
July 1, 2013
Objection Deadline
(filed and served)
July 29, 2013
at 1:30 p.m.
Final Approval Hearing